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Welcome to Blisss - Creators-only Invitational Phase

May 31, 2021
Hi creators and their fanatics! I'm Sabrina Deep, Blisss Brand Manager and your personal platform's Jeeve. I'm very excited about what you are going to read below, as it is the first step towards the coronation of months of hard work spent to make this project become reality. If you are here, you have probably received an invitational code to join and check the Blisss platform beforehand. Here is a series of in-progess questions and answers which should help you familiarizing with Blisss.Company. Thanks in advance for reading and see you inside.

Sabrina Deep

What is Blisss?

Blisss is an adult-frriendly content creation platform and social network entirely built by, with, and for creators.

Why shall I join Blisss?

Blisss is an adult friendly multi-cultural, multi-identity, multi-orientation business and social environment built and run by people who firmly believe in such values and are determined to advocate for and abide by them. Furthermore, Blisss mission is to offer creators the tools and features they really need in order to express their creativity and run their business in the most efficient way possible. Creators' needs are our priority over anything else, and we arre committed to maintain and improve the platform accordingly.

Can I be rude or have an attitude towards creators and fans, on Blisss?

No. We won't tolerate disrespectful behavior. Leave your Twitter feuds with other people on Twitter or out of Blisss, anyway. Breaking this simple rule will have your account deleted without notice and for good.

What is the invitational phase?

It's the first step towards opening the Blisss platform to the worrld.

How long will the invitational phase last?

The necessary time for us to collect your feedback, make adjustments accordingly, and to implement the most popular suggestions. Ideally, that will take between 4 and 6 weeks.

Invitational phase schedule

The first 7 to 10 days (starting from this post publishing date) Blisss will be open only to selcted creators. In other words: no fans will be invited. We want to collect creators' preliminary feedback and polish the platform accordingly, first. Selected fans will be invited after that, as well as a progressively higher number of creators. Each invited creator and fan will be given the chance to invite more individuals to the platform for the following 3 to 4 weeks, until we release the platform to the world. 
I didn't get invited, yet: how can I change that?

Try this:
  • Drop an email to sabrina AT or at fabio AT
  • Message our Brand Manager Sabrina Deep on Twitter @SabrinaDeep.
  • Explore the site and see who is in already, and if you are in touch with any of them you can try and ask them for an invitational code.
  • Follow/message Blisss on Twitter @BlisssCompany.

I created my account, now what?

If you are a creator, the first thing to do once you have signed up with your invitational code is to apply for verification. Login, go to EDIT PROFILE > VERIFY ACCOUNT and submit the required data and documentation. Our team will verify your application pretty pronto, and if successful you will receive the creator official badge.
If you are a fan, DO NOT apply for verification, as you won't be approved. Just enjoy the platform and connect straight away with your favorite creators.

As a creator, how can I test the platform from a fans perspective, if no fans have been invited, yet?

Every creator during the first 7 to 10 days of the invitational phase can at any time make a free post with the #feedback tag and request a temporary wallet re-fill which can be used to simulate any payment scenario available on the platform to other creators. Keep in mind that any purchase you make/receive when we refill creators wallets is purely aleatory and for testing purposes, and no money, commission, fee are granted to anyone: in other words you will be using virtual money. Several times a day we will reset the system and cancel all transactions, payments and subscriptions. The real money commerce will start once we begin inviting fans and we will announce it on the platform before hand.

How can I leave feedback, suggestions, criticism, kudos (we are crossing fingers) during the invitational period?

Anytime you want to do that, just make a free post and add the #feedback hashtag to it. All the free posts with that hashtag will be accessible to all creators on the homepage under the Leave and Discuss Feedback link. You will be able to add your own feedback posts, but also to like and comment those of others. Blisss administrators (including Sabrina Deep) will also create discussion posts, announcements and answer/address existing ones, there. 

Why shall I take the time for testing the site and leaving feedback?

Because thanks to it, hence to you, we will fine-tune the platform and improve it by implementing the most popular suggestions. This means that once we will release the platform to the world, it will possibly be the closest thing to ideal for your business needs. 

I need assistance with some features, how can I get it?

All Blisss existing and incoming features will be progressively explained on the Leave and Discuss Feedback section. If you need help with something not mentioned there, yet, just free-post your hashtag #feedback request or email sabrina AT and you will be assisted in no time.

Can I already setup my profile and prices, post content, act as if the platform was already released to the fans?

You are highly encouraged to do so. Everything you post, but the free #feedback hashtagged ones, will be retained at world launch. This means that you have a few weeks to upload part or all of your content without stressing too much once we open the doors to everybody. It will also help us to test the platform extensively and to fix and eliminate bugs and crickets. Our suggestion is to start posting a few photos and short videos both for free and paid and to progressively increase the amount of content you upload. 

What are Blisss commissions for creators, and where can I find your ToS, Privacy Policy, etc?

Look at the footer of any Blisss page for all the legal documents. Commissions structure can be found on the Terms of Service.

Can I promote my presence on other platforms?

We highly encourage you to do so. Your profile at Blisss is your very own business window and we want you to take full advantage of it.

Do you nominate Ambassadors?

We do. In fact, towards the end of the invitational period we will approach two creators and offer them the position(s). Chosen Ambassadors will be enjoying heavy outside promotion and visibility on top industry media and events, and more. Your level of fame, amount of traffic and sales and past history as a creator are NOT the main parameters scrutinized to become a Blisss Amabassador. Talent, attitude and dedication are. In other words, if you just entered the industry you might well be picked as Blisss Ambassador. If you would like to become one any soon, we have a hint for you: stay with us during the invitational period, send your feedback and show off your enthusiasm and attitude to help us improving the platform. 

Haven't you forgotten something?

Possibly. We are working around the clock since months and we are pretty much fried, at this stage. That's way this post is a work in progress and you should check it out on a daily basis, in case we missed something. Altogether, make sure you regularly keep an eye on the blog and or on the Leave and Discuss Feedback section on the site: these are the places where we will announce everything, during the invitational phase. 

I've got invited!

Cool! Signup now using your invitational code and let us help you exploring Blisss. 

I've signed up: how do I apply as a creator?
  • Once you have signed up and verified your email address, follow these steps:
  • Click on EDIT PROFILE to reach the main settings page, or click here.
  • Fill in the requested data and make sure you reserve you USERNAME, then SAVE CHANGES.
  • Access your profile page from yout top-right avatar dropdown and add your profile header and avatar images.
  • Go to, fill the form in with your info and attach your photo ID document.
  • Wait for verification confirmation (it may take up to a few hours).
  • If everything is in order you will receive an email confirmation, and you will be able to use the platform as a creator.
  • Go back to EDIT PROFILE to reach the main settings page, or click here, and complete your profile and personal settings.

Any problems, email sabrina AT or fabio AT You can also reach Fabio and Sabrina on Skype (Fabio's nick is: madeinpluto, Sabrina's is: therealsabrinadeep) or via whatsapp (+34 604170581).
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