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Country-block and referrals are here

Feb 09, 2022
Country-block and referral system are now live, among other features.


This feature is available only to creators. To hide your profile to fans from certain countries simply go to and pick the countries you want to block.

Referral System

We pay 5% of any transaction made by the users you referrred for life 
It is open to everybody, creators and fans. Just go to, copy your referral link and use it on your socials, emails, board signatures...wherever you want...and make money!
Fans: as soon as you earn from first transaction, you will be allowed to choose your payout method at and to request as withdrawal as soon as your balance reaches the minimum payout threshold of 40 Euros. If you would like to use your earnings on the platform and for supporting yourr favorite creators, you also have the option to transfer your balance (no threshold, here) to your wallet.

We have also added some other notable features. Here is the full list of new features:
  • [New] Referral System
  • [New] Creators can block countries
  • [New] New section My Posts
  • [New] Creator can search any user to send a message
  • [New] Improved Creator Dashboard
  • [New] Encoding video in Post (.mp4)
  • [New] New gender (Couple)
  • [New] Improved Creator Dashboard
  • [New] Encoding video in Post (.mp4)
  • [New] Encoding video in Message (.mp4)
  • [New] Even faster media uploads
  • [New] Improved Creator's Dashboard
A small hint of what's coming in next the update
  • Live chat
  • Digital coins payments
  • Creators plans (pay a fix monthly fee to get 100% of digital coins-made transactions)
If you have any suggestions for further improving the platform, keep them coming on Twitter @BlisssCompany or at
Thanks for your continued support.
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