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End of beta phase and major updates

Dec 21, 2021
Today we are proud to announce the end of the beta phase and the push of a major update. Here is a partial list of all the bug fixes and newly implemented features, based on our awesome creators' past months' feedback. For the record, we are already at work on new features which will go live at some point in January 2022. Thank you everybody for your invaluable support and suggestions, and make sure you keep them coming if there's something you'd like us to add or change in the future. We take great pride in working at making this platform the way you like it and need it to be. The whole team at Blisss.Company wishes you merry, safe holidays and a happy, equally safe new year.

  • [Bug Fix] Center alignment on cards
  • [Bug Fix] Dates in transactions
  • [Bug Fix] Hide country in box cards
  • [Bug Fix] Timestamp error on transactions, deposits, blog and reports
  • [Bug Fix] Border cards on explore
  • [Bug Fix] Back link on chat
  • [Bug Fix] Percentage subscription in Wallet
  • [Bug Fix] Download ZIP file on Pay Per View (fan)
  • [Bug Fix] Pagination in messages (inbox)
  • [Bug Fix] Non well formed numeric on payments
  • [Bug Fix] Delete cover default
  • [Bug Fix] Download ZIP file (creator)
  • [Bug Fix] Box's size on creators cards
  • [Bug Fix] Hide text in inbox message if it is PPV
  • [Bug Fix] Incorrect subscription's status
  • [Bug Fix] PPV notifications
  • [Bug Fix] Last messages in inbox
  • [Bug Fix] Static scrolling on certain elements
  • [Bug Fix] Featured Creators filtering
  • [Bug Fix] Videos and music were not working on some devices
  • [Bug Fix] Featured creators on Homepage without active subscription
  • [Bug Fix] Maximum size in GB in uploads
  • [Bug Fix] Editing PPV did not show price if the form price was clicked
  • [Bug Fix] Long email addresses not displayed in Edit member
  • [Bug Fix] Wallet subscription renew
  • [Bug Fix] Various readability fixes
  • [New] Multiple file uploads in posts
  • [New] Multiple file uploads in messages
  • [New] Redesigned message section
  • [New] Mass Messaging to subscribed fans
  • [New] Improved and sped-up upload process
  • [New] FFMPEG support to create thumbnails for the videos.
  • [New] Improved rebill of subscriptions paid through wallet
  • [New] Videos and Audio protection (sharing URL works only with active subscribers)
  • [New] Blocked and PPV posts now show blurred image or blurred poster of video
  • [New] Explore creators section is now 2 columns
  • [New] Infinite scroll in messages (Inbox)
  • [New] Gender and sexual orientation categories system
  • [New] Creator can set up to three categories (ie. FEMALE, TRANSGENDER, LESBIAN)
  • [New] Full URL in the profile
  • [New] New, alternative Explore section displaying all free posts
  • [New] New, improved Bookmarks section
  • [New] New Announcements section visible to All, just fans or Only creators
  • [New] Hide active status (Online)
  • [New] User can set their date of birth only once
  • [New] User age in profile (hide or show)
  • [New] Popular and Most Active new filters in Explore Creators
  • [New] Subscription price in cards in Explore creators
  • [New] Creator will receive an email when they get a tip or make a PPV sale
  • [New] Fans will receive an email when a creator whom they are subscribed to creates a post
  • [New] New subscriber notification to creator in free subscriptions
  • [New] Link to directly send a message to a subscriber from the My Subscribers section
  • [New] Increased size cover
  • [New] Option to Like comments
  • [New] Link to My purchases on mobile menu and homepage menu
  • [New] Posts PPV in Explore page
  • [New] Share posts on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp via Text Message
  • [New] New and improved cosmetic details
A small hint of what's coming in January
  • Referral System
  • 2FA optional system (not pushed big corps style)
  • Fans can buy creators a real pizza (USA creators only)
  • Creators can search any user to send a message
  • Own custom watermark on videos and photos
  • Enable/Disable watermark on videos
  • Bio-link and URL shortener system
  • Creators can block countries (geo-blocking)
  • New section My Posts
  • Search by name and username
  • Improved Creator's Dashboard

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