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Fans rating and cashback are here

Oct 01, 2021
Two important new features have been implemented: fans rating and cashback for fans. You can now anonymously rate your subscribers and leave an equally anonymous comment about their rating. Comments will appear on the fan's profile only to creators. This way you can help others to understand if it's worth doing business with a particular fan or not. Remember: fans won't be able to see comments and won't know who rated them. The only thing they can see is the total sum of their ratings, ie. if someone rated them 7 and someone else rated them 8, they will see a total rating number of 15 on their profile. This serves for the newly introduced cashback feature. For any transaction happening on the platform, we are going to save a certain amount (deducted from our proceeds, not from yours) inside a piggy bank. At the end of each month we will break the piggy bank and share the total amount among the five fans with the top ratings as cashback. That money will be added to their wallet, meaning that they have to spend it back on you. This will drive more fans to the platform, it will encourage good behavior and most of all it will mean more money for you. If you don't find it obvious how to rate your subscribers, feel free to drop an email to and we will be happy to give you a live demonstration. 
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